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Nagoya Hospitality Academy Academy Principal Shintaro Kimura
  • Nagoya Akademeia
  • Hotel, Travel, Language
Principal of Nagoya Hospitality Academy
Current: Nagoya Institute of Tourism
Shintaro Kimura


Tourism is the light of hope that illuminates the world.
It is a wonderful job that provides joy, excitement, and happiness to many people.
After a period of turmoil, now is the time when people, society, and the world need the power of tourism.
I have a great deal of respect for international students who leave their familiar hometowns and put their lives on the line to study in Japan for their personal growth.
precious time of your life.
Through learning and experiences that can only be found at the Akademeia 21st Century, I would like you to learn the power to be active in the industry you love and admire.
"You have the power to make your dreams come true".
Believe in yourself and aim to become a tourism professional with us.

Daiki Nagao, Principal of Osaka Designer Academy Academy
  • Osaka Akademeia
  • Graphic Design, Product Design
  • Architectural Design, Interior Design
  • Manga, Anime, Games
  • Fashion Design, Special Effect Makeup
Principal of Osaka Designer Academy
Current: Osaka Designer College
Hiroki Nagao


Our Osaka Designer Academy will celebrate its 61st anniversary in 2023.
Since its establishment, we have been focusing on practical design education, including graphic design, and have produced designers and creators who support the industry all over Japan. We are proud of the introduction of highly specialized basic classes by professional teachers including active creators, the introduction of an active learning curriculum represented by professional practice courses, and the facility environment of professional specifications prepared for each student.
Inheriting the founding philosophy, which is “A school that nurtures designers, not only teaches design.", we will continue to produce human resources who will support the industry of the next era.

Noriko Kudo, Principal of Tokyo Cool Japan Academy Academy
  • Tokyo Akademeia
  • Game/CG, Anime
Principal of Tokyo Cool Japan Academy
Current: Tokyo Cool Japan College
Noriko Kudo


Tokyo Cool Japan Academy is a two-year vocational school for games, anime, voice acting, and e-sports. In 2023, we will celebrate the 40th anniversary of our founding. Especially in animation education, it is the most traditional school in Japan and has produced many famous graduates.
Tokyo Cool Japan Academy attracts students from all over the world who want to learn Japanese culture through games and anime. In order for international students to live a school life with peace of mind and improve their skills, we are focusing on support from before admission. For example, "I want to talk about games and anime," "I want to make friends with international students," "I want to know about school classes," "I want to know about employment," and "I want to hear from seniors." I'm trying to work on it.
From pre-enrollment to graduation and employment, let's make your dreams come true with the full support of Tokyo Cool Japan Academy!

Hirohito Inaba, Principal of Tokyo Business Academy Academy
  • Tokyo Akademeia
  • Business, IT/AI System
Principal of Tokyo Business Academy
Current: Tokyo School of Business
Hirohito Inaba


Established in 1967, Tokyo Business Academy is a business school with a long history. In addition, there are only 39 schools in Japan, and it is a school that accepts "government scholarship students" selected by the Japanese government and has the trust of the government.
For more than 40 years since 1976, when the number of international students was still small, some graduates claim that their mothers and sons both graduated from Tokyo Business Academy. Up until now, many international students have taken the same classes as Japanese students for two years, have been active in Japanese companies, and continue to study at universities and graduate schools. Some graduates are working at the Japanese Embassy in their home country.
International students who want to succeed and grow in Japan, let's make your dreams come true at Tokyo Business Academy!

Nagoya Visual Arts Academy Academy Principal So Minamino
  • Nagoya Akademeia
  • Photography, Videography, Music & Lighting
Principal of Nagoya Visual Arts Academy
Current: Nagoya Visual Arts College
Sou Minamino


Nagoya Visual Arts Academy is a comprehensive entertainment and creative school. From the city of "Nagoya", we will provide the same quality class curriculum, learning and entertainment experience as "Tokyo".
As an entertainment vocational school, what we value most is "connection".
Entertainment will be created in the various departments and courses that our school handles, and the connections between each position. In addition, the diversity of students aiming for each position will grow the entertainment to a higher quality.
Through our curriculum, we are waiting for the challenge of those who know the structure of the industry and have the will to create future entertainment.

Tokyo Language Academy Academy Principal Hiromi Fukuda
  • Tokyo Akademeia
  • Japanese Language
Principal Tokyo Language Academy
Current: Tokyo Adachi Japanese Language School
Hiromi Fukuda


Hello, everyone!
Tokyo Language Academy is a traditional Japanese language school of the Akademeia 21st Century established in 1986. For those who love Japan, want to work in Japan, or wish to live in Japan, and for those who are curious about where and what Japan is, we encourage you to come to Japan, see, experience, and get to know all the good and not-so-good aspects of real Japan.
As a first step, we hope that at Tokyo Language Academy, you can study Japanese, immerse yourself in your favorite fields of expertise and culture, acquire knowledge and skills, and pave the way toward your dreams, becoming someone who can shine on the world stage.
"So, let's take the first step toward the future together!"


History of The Akademeia 21st Century Group

Established Osaka Design Institute
Established Tokyo Design Institute
Established Osaka Designer College
Established Tokyo Designer Gakuin
Established Tokyo Photography College
Established Tokyo Designer Gakuin school corporation
Established Osaka College of Photography
Established Tokyo Photography College as a school corporation
Established Tokyo School of Business
Established Osaka Designer College
Established Tokyo Designer Gakuin Nagoya School
Tokyo Photography College Nagoya school established
Established Tokyo Institute of Tourism
Established Tokyo Designer Gakuin Kyushu School
Approved as a specialized training school at Tokyo Designer Gakuin
Approved as a specialized training school at Tokyo Designer Gakuin
Tokyo Photography College (former Tokyo Photography College) approved as a specialized training school
Approved as a specialized training school of Osaka Photography College
Tokyo Designer Gakuin Nagoya school authorized as a specialized training school
Tokyo Photographic College Nagoya Campus (former Tokyo Photographic College Nagoya Campus) Approved as a specialized training school
Tokyo School of Business school corporation/Specialized training school authorization
Tokyo Institute of Tourism (former Tokyo Institute of Tourism)
School Corporation/Specialized Training College Authorization
Established Osaka Business College,
School Corporation/Specialized Training College Authorization
Kyushu Designer Gakuin College (former Tokyo Designer Gakuin College Kyushu Campus)
School Corporation/Specialized Training College Authorization
Establishment of Kyushu School of Business
Establishment of Kyushu Institute of Tourism
Tokyo Designer Gakuin College Nagoya Campus Approved as a school corporation
Tokyo College of Photography Nagoya School Approved as a school corporation
Nagoya School of Business School Corporation/specialized training school authorization
Approved as a school corporation of Osaka College of Photography
Establishment of Osaka College of Tourism
Completion of Osaka College of Tourism Dojima School Building
Establishment of Nagoya College of Tourism
Established Adachi General Planning Co., Ltd.
Renamed Tokyo Visual Arts (former Tokyo Photography College)
School name changed to Visual Arts College (former Osaka College of Photography)
School name changed to Nagoya Visual Arts (former Tokyo College of Photography Nagoya School)
Kyushu Visual Arts opened
Renamed the vocational school Tokyo Net Wave (former Tokyo School of Business Sendagaya College)
Completion of Osaka Designer College Training Center
Kyushu Adachi Gakuen training building completed
Kyushu Adachi Gakuen training store [U29=unique] opened
Kyushu Adachi Gakuen training store [IROYA] opened
50th anniversary of Osaka Designer College
50th anniversary of Tokyo Designer Gakuin College
The 50th anniversary of Tokyo Visual Arts, a vocational school
Joined Tokyo Adachi Japanese Language School Group
Vocational School Tokyo School of Business,
50th anniversary of Tokyo Institute of Tourism
School name changed to Tokyo Cool Japan (Tokyo Net Wave)
School name changed to Tokyo Adachi Japanese Language School (former system Toyo Gaigo)
60th anniversary of Osaka Designer College
The school group's external name is changed to The Akademeia 21st Century
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