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Why choose the Akademeia 21st Century 


Why choose the Akademeia 21st Century 

Adachi Education Group to "The Akademeia 21st Century"

In April 2023, the newly transformed the Akademeia 21st Century emerged as a "New place of learning" that transcends both universities and vocational schools.
As the Fourth Industrial Revolution progresses and advanced robotics and artficial intelligence become more common in future societis, merely graduating from a university where you only learn "knowledge", or from a vocational school where you only acquire "skills", will not suffice to become a truly "talented individual" who excels in the real world.
In the times to come, individuals who demonstrate exceptional leadership and excel in workplaces, companies, industries, and societies will be those who possess the Five Professional Competencies. The Akademeia 21st Century calls these individuals Five Stars Professionals and has developed a unique "practical experiential curriculum" for their cultivation, which is provided to all students.

5 Powers to Acquire at The Akademeia 21st Century

Learn at The Akademeia 21st Century
five powers

Practical and experiential "five competencies" necessary to be active in the real world,
At The Akademeia 21st Century, we refer to these as the "The 5 Interpersonal Competencies."

Creative Communication Competency
Ability to gather the wisdom of colleagues and generate creative ideas
Cross-Industry Collaboration Competency
Ability to understand foreign cultures and collaborate with overseas colleagues
Improvisional Project Competency
Ability to collaborate with professionals from different industries
Strategic Innovation Competency
Ability to flexibly respond to any changes in circumstances and manage projects
Intercultural Globalist Competency
Ability to develop new businesses by demonstrating flexible strategic thinking
Highly advanced expert skills to be acquired at The Akademeia 21st Century

Learn at The Akademeia 21st Century
Advanced Advanced Expert Skills

A “crossover expert” is the name of a “second human resource” advocated by The Akademeia 21st Century who will play an active role in the future. They are experts in a wide range of fields with a wide range of knowledge and experience.
As a result, this person can communicate smoothly with experts from different industries and act as a leader in cross-industrial collaboration projects.

Introduced a system that allows students to freely choose between 8 systems and 45 fields of study, transcending the boundaries of specialized fields.
You can freely choose from the curriculum of 17 schools in 4 areas nationwide.

Intercultural Globalist Competency Acquired at The Akademeia 21st Century

Learn at The Akademeia 21st Century
Intercultural Globalist Competency

Human resources who understand different cultures overseas and can collaborate with colleagues around the world

“Intercultural Globalist” is the name of the “third human resource” proposed by The Akademeia 21st Century who will be active in the future. Experts are people who can understand each other, empathize, and work together.
Through hands-on experience in Japan and the world, we develop professional skills.

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International students from various countries and regions gather at The Akademeia 21st Century.

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Country of origin

Over 50 countries and cities

Number of International graduates


Total Support for International students

360 Degree Support


  • People's Republic of China
  • South Korea
  • Kingdom of Thailand
  • Hong Kong
  • Taiwan
  • Republic of Indonesia
  • The Socialist Republic of Vietnam
  • Union of Myanmar
  • Malaysia
  • Republic of the Philippines
  • India
  • Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal
  • Mongolia
  • Kingdom of Bhutan
  • Lao People's Democratic Republic
  • Kingdom of Cambodia
  • State of Israel
  • People's Republic of Bangladesh
  • Republic of Singapore
  • Republic of Uzbekistan
  • Kazakhstan
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


  • Russian Federation
  • The Federal Republic of Germany
  • UK
  • Kingdom of Spain
  • Kingdom of Belgium
  • Republic of Belarus
  • Portuguese Republic
  • Swiss Confederation
  • Kingdom of Sweden
  • Kingdom of Denmark
  • Republic of Poland
  • Republic of Türkiye
  • Hungary


  • The United States of America
  • Canada
  • United Mexico
  • Federative Republic of Brazil
  • Republic of Chile
  • Republic of Peru


  • South Africa
  • Morocco
  • Sao Tome and Principe
  • Cameroon
  • Saudi Arabia
  • New Zealand

Full international student support system

Introducing The Akademeia 21st Century 's 360-degree international student care.

School life support

School life support

The Akademeia 21st Century operates 17 vocational schools and 1 Japanese language school in four cities: Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and Fukuoka.
For international students who want to acquire knowledge and skills in Japan and aim for employment in Japan, we have established a consistent support system from studying abroad to employment and further education.

Free Japanese support

Free Japanese support

The Akademeia 21st Century has Japanese language instructors. After enrollment, they support international students in learning Japanese for use in classes, daily life, and business Japanese required for employment. You can enhance your Japanese language skills by consulting with Japanese language instructors about areas where you have questions or want to improve!

Housing support system

Housing support system

The Akademeia 21st Century introduces student dormitories and student apartments and provides consultation services.
We also offer a female dormitory.

AO Pre-School

AO Pre-School

Aim for your dreams early with the pre-enrollment class "AO Pre-School"!

You can take free specialized classes for half a year before admission. You can quickly check whether you are really suitable for that department and get closer to your dreams.

Employment support system + collaboration with companies

Employment support system + cooperation with companies

The Akademeia 21st Century boasts a high employment rate every year, producing many students into the industry.
We will provide individual and detailed backup for job hunting in Japan, which is different from your home country.

Notable Alumni Introduction

Meet the notable alumni of The Akademeia 21st Century!

Leslie Kee

PhotographerLeslie Kee​ ​(from Singapore)

Alma mater
Tokyo Visual Arts Academy (Current: Tokyo Visual Arts College)

A world-renowned photographer from Singapore
Active mainly in Japan, New York, Paris, and other Asian countries.

Hajime Isayama

Manga artistHajime Isayama​ ​(from Japan)

Alma mater
Fukuoka Designer Academy (Current: Kyushu Designer Gakuin College)

While in school, the work "Attack on Titan" brought to a publishing company won an honorable mention in Kodansha's "Magazine Grand Prix (2006)". In 2009, he began serializing Attack on Titan in Bessatsu Shonen Magazine. In 2011, "Attack on Titan" won the 35th Kodansha Manga Award for Boys.
Received 1st place in the man edition of "Kono Manga ga Sugoi 2011" published by Takarajimasha.


Interior coordinatorNGUYEN VINH HIEN​ ​(from Vietnam)

Alma mater
Tokyo Designer Academy (Current: Tokyo Designer Gakuin College) 

I am from Vietnam. After graduating, he worked as an interior designer at IKEA Japan.
Influenced by both Japanese and Western designs, he has created many impressive model rooms. Taking advantage of his 10 years of experience in Japan, he is currently active in collaboration with famous brands, influencers, and video creators in his home country of Vietnam.

Consultation is available! 

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