Message from the president


Message from President Tasaka

To all international students

If you are considering studying abroad in Japan, with the goal of acquiring specialized knowledge and skills and making a difference in Japan and the world, I have some valuable advice for you.

First, please focus on the 'storm' that lies ahead.

It's the 'Fourth Industrial Revolution' storm. As a result of this storm, robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) will be introduced into every workplace in the near future, fundamentally changing the qualifications demanded of talent. 
Consequently, those who have merely acquired 'knowledge' at university will not be able to survive.

Similarly, those who have only developed 'skills' at vocational schools will not be able to thrive.

In the times to come, individuals who excel in the workplace, companies, industries, and society will be those who possess the
'Five Professional Competencies,' which are advanced competencies that only humans can exhibit.

At the Akademeia 21st Century, we call such individuals 'Five Stars Professionals' and have developed our own practical, 
experiential curriculum called the 'Seven Steps Curriculum' to nurture them, offering it to all our students.

If you are considering studying in Japan, strive to enter the gates of the Akademeia 21st Century, which continues to evolve as a 
"New place of learning" that transcends both universities and vocational schools.

There, you will find a path to unlock your future, open the doors to your life, and ascend the staircase of growth, shining brightly.

President of The Akademeia 21st Century
Hiroshi Tasaka

Hiroshi Tasaka

Akademeia 21st Century

President of The Akademeia 21st Century

Hiroshi Tasaka

Graduated from the University of Tokyo. Completed the same graduate school (Doctor of Engineering: Nuclear Engineering).
Professor emeritus at Tama University Graduate School. Former Cabinet Secretariat Advisor.
He is active internationally, including as a member of the Expert Council of the World Economic Forum, which hosts the Davos Conference, and as the Japan representative of the Budapest Club of the World Council of Eminent Persons. He has written over 100 books both domestically and internationally, including "Refining Your Intellect'', "Refining Your Humanity'', and "Hiroshi Tasaka: Talking about the Future of Humanity".

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