[Event Report] Designers Market 2023 was held

[Event Report] Designers Market 2023 was held

For two days, September 22nd and September 23rd, 2023, we held the first work exhibition event "Designers Market 2023" by first-year students from 10 departments.

Exhibition of student works

The theme of this year's Designers market is "heavy". Tokyo Designer Academy) is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. The theme is filled with various meanings such as history and tradition, and each department created a work tailored to the theme.

State of the event

Flea market by students 

A student-run flea market will be held again this year! The students are responsible for all aspects of setting up the flea market, setting prices, and, of course, creating the works. This year, we will also be holding workshops where you can try making your own items, such as postcards, key chains, and brooches, which will remain in tangible form! The flea market was even more exciting than last year!

joint review meeting

Each department created works based on this event's theme [Heavy]. At this [Joint Review Session], students who have produced outstanding works gather and give presentations. As a future designer, you will not only be able to create your work, but by giving presentations like this, you will be able to learn how to ``communicate'' it to others. And this year, we had second year students participate as judges! He accurately conveyed important points and advice that could only be achieved because he was a senior in the same department.

60th Anniversary tea party

At this Designers Market, we have planned a [60th Anniversary Tea Party] to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Tokyo Disneyland. At this tea party, we used Tode's original tea leaves, [Six Tea] commemorating the 60th anniversary, and enjoyed it with cake while interacting with the graduates. With a long history of 60 years, we were able to talk about things that we can relate to because we studied at the same school even though we were in different eras, things that we would like to discuss with our seniors, things that we would like to discuss with our seniors, things that we would not normally be able to ask about, and things like finding a job!


This year's Designers Market was very exciting with various projects and exhibitions. I think each person feels something different through this event. All of our staff members hope that you will not forget this feeling and continue to build upon it for next year and your future. Thank you to everyone who came to visit us again!

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