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Introducing the personalities of Academia.


Tokyo Visual Arts Academy (Current: Tokyo Visual Arts College)|Photography Department||Nepal

Introducing the personalities of Academia.

What led you to study abroad/enroll at our school?

In middle school, a friend bought a camera and started taking photos. Because of that influence, I also took photos with my old digital camera. However, that camera is no longer with me, which is very disappointing. When I was attending a Japanese language school, I learned during an information session that Tokyo Visual Arts Academy offered photography courses, and I wanted to continue with photography, so I enrolled.

What kind of studies do you study at school?

I primarily study studio work, darkroom techniques, and commercial photography. I displayed the photos I took as part of my school's lobby exhibition.

What is your favorite class?

I enjoy the commercial photography classes in the studio. I like creating my own world and being able to freely capture the things I love.

Please tell us new things that you have done in the photography department.

I was able to study film photography! Before enrolling, I had only taken digital photos, so I had no experience with film. Now, I actually prefer film over digital.


Message from ACHARYA SULAV

I first came to Japan for tourism when I was 16 years old. After graduating from high school, I came to Japan, and I have been living in Japan ever since. Before entering vocational school, I was studying Japanese at a Japanese language school.

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