Fukuoka Business Academy

Fukuoka Business Academy

(Currently) Kyushu School of Business


Fukuoka Business Academy
Features of
(Currently) Kyushu School of Business

Attractiveness of Fukuoka Business Academy

High employment rate! Go to your dream job!

Fukuoka Business Academy 2.5 years of educational support

Compared to universities, junior colleges, and other schools, AO Pre-School, which starts half a year before admission, allows students to start learning and preparing earlier, so they can get job offers early. We support the growth of human resources who can play an active role in the industry.

Cultivate the professionals that the times demand!

Through career support that individually supports students' job hunting activities and a wealth of job hunting events, we are guiding them to a job that fulfills their wishes.

National Network

Backed by The Akademeia 21st Century of 18 schools in 4 areas!
Sharing industry job information and supporting employment in Tokyo and Osaka as well as U-turn and I-turn employment

Convenient access to school. 3 minutes walk from Hakata Station!

Not only is it convenient for transportation, but it is also located in a downtown area with many companies, department stores, and fashion buildings, so you can learn in an environment where you can grasp the new trends of the times and social movements.

Campus Life

  • Current student questionnaire

    Questionnaire for current students of Fukuoka Business Academy!
    I will teach students real!

  • Living alone guide

    You are free to choose the accommodation that suits you and your family's wishes to enjoy a comfortable student life at Fukuoka Business Academy.
    Early bird benefits from each company for FBA students! Find the perfect home for you!

  • Let's enjoy Hakata life! Introduction of popular spots in central Hakata!

    Learn business in the heart of Fukuoka

    The Hakata/Tenjin area is Kyushu's largest downtown area!
    There are various commercial facilities in a compact area, and it is attractive that there are plenty of shops and restaurants.
    It is also attractive that not only new things such as shrines and parks but also old townscapes remain.

Departments & Majors

Introducing the subjects you can study at Fukuoka Business Academy (currently Kyushu School of Business)

  • Business Management Department

    • Business Management Major
    • EC Marketing Major
  • Comprehensive Business Department

    • Office Business Major
  • IT Business Department

    • Programmer Major
    • Web Creator Major
  • Department of Pet Business
    <Vocational Practice Specialized Course Certification>

    • trimmer major
    • Trimmer & Trainer Major
  • Pet Animal Nursing Department

    • Department of Veterinary Nursing
    • Groomer & Veterinary Nursing Major
    • Trainer & Veterinary Nursing Major
  • Department of Flower Business
    <Vocational Practice Specialized Course Certification>

    • Flower Coordinator Major
    • Flower Shop Major
    • Bridal Flower Major
  • Department of Beauty Business
    <Vocational Practice Specialized Course Certification>

    • Total Beauty Major

Tuition fee

  • 2 years, common to all departments
  • Textbooks, teaching materials
  1st year 2nd year
Enrollment Fee 100,000円
Tuition Fee
Full payment
1st semester 330,000円 330,000円
2nd semester 330,000円 330,000円
Educational enhancement expenses  
Equipment cost 239,000円 239,000円
Alumni Association Fee 10,000円
Group insurance premium 2,000円 2,000円
Scholarship for International Students by Recommendation from Designated School
Full payment 911,000円 701,000円
1st semester    
2nd semester    

International studentrecommendation scholarship A

Full payment 911,000円 801,000円
1st semester    
2nd semester    
Scholarship for International Students by Recommendation B
Full payment 961,000円 851,000円
1st semester    
2nd semester    
General Admission
Full payment 1,011,000円 901,000円
1st semester    
2nd semester    

    We will not ask you to make donations or purchase student bonds in addition to tuition fees.

  1. * For the pet animal nursing department, the same amount applies for the third year.
  2. ■School fee payment regulations

  3. (1) If the tuition fee is not paid by the specified date without notification, the student may be deemed to have declined admission. (Deferred payment or payment in installments is possible. Consultation required.)
  4. If you decline admission by March 31, 2024, the application fee, admission fee, and administrative fee will be refunded.
Department Textbook/material costs remarks
Pet Business Department


Includes uniform and trimming tools. *Separate training fee included

 Department of Pet Nursing 284,940円

Includes uniform and trimming tools. *Separate training fee included

Flower Business Department 201,180円 Including fresh flowers. *Separate training fee included

Department of Beauty Business

144,660円〜243,500円 Includes uniform and makeup tools. *Separate training fee included

IT Business Department


Comprehensive Business Department

Business Management Department 29,350円
  1. * Separately from the above, examination fees, training, etc. will be required for the first year: 6,000 yen to 63,200 yen, and for the second year: 6,500 yen to 43,560 yen.
  2. * Textbook and teaching materials fees for the second year range from 0 yen to 51,280 yen. However, the flower business department costs approximately 227,190 yen (including the cost of fresh flowers).
  3. * If you do not have a computer for the IT Business Department, you will need to purchase one separately. (We also have school-recommended computers.)
  4. ●Other expenses

  5. * In addition to the above, there are also costs for consumables used in each class.
  6. * Overseas training expenses (only for those who wish).


3-8-24 in front of Hakata Station, Hakata Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Phone number

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(Currently) Kyushu School of Business

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