Fukuoka Designer Academy

Fukuoka Designer Academy

(School name changed from Kyushu Designer Gakuin Vocational School in April 2024)


Fukuoka Designer Academy
Features of
(School name changed from Kyushu Designer Gakuin Vocational School in April 2024)

Attractiveness of Fukuoka Designer Academy

Make your hobbies become a dream!

AO Pre-School (pre-enrollment class)

For those who are planning to enter our school, you can learn knowledge and basic skills in specialized fields from the timing before admission.
2.5 years of learning will start from now for the industry / employment debut.

Designers Market Event

Half a year after admission, we will hold product sales, exhibitions, and events that make use of the fields that each student has learned.
Through experience, you will learn the hardships of getting paid and the rewards of making people happy, and experience the significance of "doing what you love" as a job.

Designers' Audition

We will present the culmination of what we have learned to professionals in the industry.
In addition to exhibiting the work, you will learn presentation techniques and demeanor before attending this event.

Industry-academia collaboration project

We will plan products and events together with industry professionals, and have them demonstrate their strengths as members of society and as members of the industry.
Through this program and training, the awareness of employment will increase.

Campus Life

  • Sister school collaboration

    The 4 core academies of The Akademeia 21st Century FUKUOKA Akademeia are located in the same building, so we hold many collaborative events and projects!
    Example) Sister school Kyushu Visual Staff T-shirt design (Department of Graphic Design)

  • Employment/debut preparation

    You can work on requests from various companies and shops, so you can send out your designs to society even while you're still in school!

  • The cutting edge of fashion where Kyushu's people, goods, and information gather

    Learn design in the center of Fukuoka

    Fukuoka, one of the most lively areas in Kyushu, is very popular among young people!
    With the full line of the Kyushu Shinkansen now open, Hakata, the gateway to Kyushu, has become even bigger, newer, and more convenient.

Departments & Majors

Introducing the subjects you can study at Fukuoka Designer Academy (changed name from Kyushu Designer Gakuin Vocational School in April 2024)

  • Department of Graphic Design

    • Graphic Design
    • Advertising Design
    • Package Design
    • Web Design
    • Magazine Editing
    • Product Planning
  • Illustration Department

    • Illustration
    • Character Illustration
    • Picture Book Writer
  • Department of Interior Design

    • Interior Design
    • Shop Design
    • Furniture Design
    • Interior Coordination
  • Game/CG Department <Professional Practical Course Certification>

    • Game Design Major
    • Game Program Major
  • Department of Manga

    • Manga Major
    • Comic Illustration Major
  • Animation Department

    • Animator
    • Animation director
    • Background/Art
  • Figure Design Department

    • Figure
    • Toy Design
  • Fashion Department

    • Fashion Design Major
    • Fashion Business Major
  • Comprehensive Design Department

    • Individual Selection Program

Tuition fee

  • Common  to all 2-yearcourses
  • Textbooks, teaching materials
  1st year 2nd year
Admission fee (only at the time of admission) 150,000円
Tuition Fee
Full payment
1st semester 390,000円 390,000円
2nd semester 390,000円 390,000円
Educational enhancement fee (annual amount) 60,000円 60,000円
Facility fee (annual amount) 180,000円 180,000円
Alumni Association Fee 10,000円
Group insurance premium 2,000円 2,000円
Scholarship for International Students by Recommendation from Designated School
Full payment 1,082,000円 822,000円
1st semester
2nd semester
Scholarship for International Students by Recommendation A
Full payment 1,082,000円 922,000円
1st semester
2nd semester
Scholarship for International Students by Recommendation B
Full payment 1,132,000円 972,000円
1st semester
2nd semester
21st Century Academia Scholarship System not available Full payment 1,182,000円 1,022,000円
1st semester
2nd semester

    We do not ask for donations or purchase of school bonds other than tuition fees.

    ■School fee payment regulations

  1. (1) If the tuition fee is not paid by the specified date without notification, the student may be deemed to have declined admission. (Deferred payment or payment in installments is possible. Consultation required.)
  2.   If you decline admission by March 31, 2025, the application fee, admission fee, and administrative fee will be refunded.
Name of Department Textbook/material costs remarks
Graphic Design Department


*Separate computer fee

Approximately 200,000 to 250,000 yen*1

Illustration Department 60,280円

*Separate tablet fee

Approximately 60,000 to 80,000 yen*1

Interior Design Department 29,950円

*Separate computer fee

Approximately 236,000 yen*1

Fashion Department

(Fashion Design Major)


Fashion Department

(Fashion Business Major)


Game/CG Department

(Game Design Major)

Game/CG Department

(Game program major)


Manga Department

(Manga major)


Manga Department

(Comic illustration major)


*Separate tablet fee

Approximately 200,000 to 250,000 yen*1

Animation Department 34,690円

*Separate computer/tablet fees

Approximately 200,000 to 250,000 yen*1

Figure Design Department 86,350円

Comprehensive Design Department


+Depends on the class you choose.
  1. *1: This information is for those who do not have a PC or LCD tablet. If you have any equipment on hand, please contact our school regarding its specifications.
  2. * Separately from the above, examination fees, training, etc. will be charged, ranging from 4,000 yen to 20,680 yen for the first year and 0 yen to 2,900 yen for the second year.
  3. * Textbook and teaching materials fees for the second year range from 0 yen to 12,990 yen.
  4. ●Other expenses

  5. * In addition to the above, there are also costs for consumables used in each class.


3-8-24 in front of Hakata Station, Hakata Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Phone number

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(School name changed from Kyushu Designer Gakuin Vocational School in April 2024)

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