Graphic Design, Product Design

Graphic Design, Product Design


Features of Graphic Design, 
Product Design Field

Graphic Design Department

Graphic Design Department

Practical classes are offered for advertising, editing magazines, packaging, and web design to motion graphics which will be required in many different industries.

  • Graphic Design Major
  • Illustration Design Major
  • Advertising Design Major
  • Package Design Major
  • Magazine Editorial Design Major
  • Web Design Major
  • Graphic Designer
  • Art Director
  • Editorial Designer
  • Web Designer
  • Advertising Designer
  • Package Designer
  • Book Designer
  • DTP Operator, etc.
Product Design Department

Product Design Department

Classes that is specialized in materials used in product-making and manufacturing.

Classes to improve processing technology so that you can faithfully reproduce your own designs.
In addition, you will acquire basic skills, production skills, proposal skills, and practical skills through assignments and off-campus projects that are offered in the curriculum.

  • Industrial Designer
  • Miscellaneous Goods Designer
  • Accessories Designer
  • Toy Designer
  • Product Planning
  • Writer
  • Car Designer
  • Modeler, etc.

Trends among international students in the ​

Graphic Design, Product Design Field

Trends among international students in the ​

Those who want to learn Japanese unique design style!

Recommended for you if you are someone who

  • Enjoy watching key visuals.
  • Want to make things by themselves and create products that customers want.
  • Are creative lovers!

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