Fukuoka Hospitality Academy

Fukuoka Hospitality Academy

(School name changed from Kyushu Tourism College in April 2024)


Fukuoka Hospitality Academy
Features of
(School name changed from Kyushu Tourism College in April 2024)

Attractiveness of Fukuoka Hospitality Academy

Introducing the charm of Fukuoka Hospitality Academy.

Quickly get closer to becoming a professional! Employment support classes

AO enrollees can participate in special classes at Fukuoka Hospitality Academy free of charge from about six months before enrollment.
While working on employment measures one step ahead, you can expand your dreams by experiencing the industry's top level workplace and steadily step up until you get a job offer.

High qualifying exam pass rate

Fukuoka Hospitality Academy has one of the highest pass rates in Japan for various qualifications! Incorporating qualification measures into classes, you can smoothly acquire qualifications that are useful for employment and on-site work.

A wide range of practical training and training curricula

You can learn "on-site" and acquire "practical ability" by conducting a lot of practical training and training where you can experience the site of each industry in the latest facility that reproduces the service site.

Many seniors and strong cooperation with the industry

Fukuoka Hospitality Academy, which has produced many graduates in various industries, has established a cooperative system for practical training and training by graduates who are active in the field. In addition, we are collaborating with companies all over the country and holding the "Industrial EXPO" jointly held by group schools, giving you an advantage in job hunting.

Campus Life

  • Approximately 50 events held annually

    At Fukuoka Hospitality Academy not only can you learn in the classroom, but there are plenty of events that transcend the boundaries of your department.
    Enjoy a fun and exciting campus life while meeting irreplaceable friends.

  • Overseas training trip (optional)

    Each department at Fukuoka Hospitality Academy Academy prepares various overseas training trips so that you can feel the authentic hospitality first-hand. You can gain valuable experience by observing the work of local professionals and receiving direct instruction.

  • Hotel Customer Service Contest

    Demonstrate your ability to respond and make proposals to customers!

    This is an opportunity to showcase the customer service skills and presentation skills acquired through internships and practical training conducted during the first year of study. In a contest format, students from sister schools in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Fukuoka compete and present their skills in front of professionals from the active hotel industry. It's a chance for students to test their own hospitality skills and experience a sense of growth.

Departments & Majors

Introducing the subjects you can study at Fukuoka Hospitality Academy (changed name from Kyushu Tourism College in April 2024)

  • Department of Hotel
    <Vocational Practice Specialized Course Certification>

    • Hotel course
    • Hotel Front Course
    • Restaurant Service & Bartending Course
  • Travel Department

    • Travel Course
    • Tourism Management Course
    • IT course
  • Department of Airline
    <Vocational Practice Specialized Course Certification>

    • Cabin Attendant Course
    • Grand Staff Course
    • Ground Handling Course
  • Department of Food Creation
    <Vocational Practice Specialized Course Certification>

    • Patissier Boulanger course
    • Barista & Cafe Produce Course
  • Department of Railway Service
    <Vocational Practice Specialized Course Certification>

    • Railway Service Course
  • Korean Language Department

    • Korean Course
    • English/Korean Course
    • Korean Study Abroad Course
    • Korean University Transfer Course
  • Bridal Department
    <Vocational Practice Specialized Course Certification>

    • Wedding Planner Course
    • Dress Stylist Course

Tuition fee

  • 2 years, common to all departments
  • List of textbooks, teaching materials, and training expenses (estimated for the previous year)   
  1st year 2nd year
Admission fee (only at the time of admission) 150,000円
Tuition Fee
Full payment
1st semester 330,000円 330,000円
2nd semester 330,000円 330,000円
Educational enhancement fee (annual amount) 60,000円 60,000円
Facility fee (annual amount) 180,000円 180,000円
Alumni Association Fee 10,000円
Group insurance premium 2,000円 2,000円
Scholarship for International Students by Recommendation from Designated School
Full payment 962,000円 702,000円
1st semester
2nd semester
Scholarship for International Students by Recommendation A
Full payment 962,000円 802,000円
1st semester
2nd semester
Scholarship for International Students by Recommendation B
Full payment 1,012,000円 852,000円
1st semester
2nd semester
21st Century Academia Scholarship not available Full payment 1,062,000円 902,000円
1st semester
2nd semester

    We do not ask for donations or purchase of school bonds other than tuition fees.

    ■School fee payment regulations

  1. (1) If the tuition fee is not paid by the specified date without notification, the student may be deemed to have declined admission. (Deferred payment or payment in installments is possible. Consultation required.)
  2. (2) If you decline admission by March 31, 2025, the application fee will be refunded, excluding the screening fee, admission fee, and administrative fee.
Department Textbook and teaching materials fee (1st year) remarks
Bridal Department


*Separate training fee included

Food Creation Department 180,080〜185,120円

Includes material costs such as uniforms and Western sweets. *Separate training fee included

Hotel Department 55,300〜57,110円

*Separate training fee included

Airline Department

19,720〜22,060円 Including uniforms. *Separate training fee included

Railway Service Department

26,140〜28,060円 *Separate training fee included

Travel Department

52,740〜52,670円 *Separate training fee included
Korean Language Department 64,370〜66,080円 *Separate training fee included
  1. * Separately from the above, examination fees, training, etc. will be required for the first year: 30,100 yen to 258,960 yen, and for the second year: 12,000 yen to 152,860 yen.
  2. * The cost of textbooks and teaching materials for the second year ranges from 1,650 yen to 38,590 yen.
  3. ●Other expenses

  4. * In addition to the above, there are also costs for consumables used in each class.
  5. * Overseas training expenses (only for those who wish).


3-8-24 in front of Hakata Station, Hakata Ward, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Phone number

福岡ホスピタリティ・アカデミー SNS
(2024年4月 九州観光専門学校より校名変更)


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