Osaka Designer Academy 

Osaka Designer Academy 

(Current) Osaka Designer College


Features of 
Osaka Designer Academy
(Current) Osaka Designer College

Appeal of Osaka Designer Academy

61st year! Since 1962! A prestigious design school with a long history

AO2.5 Education System

A 0.5-year “AO Pre-School” before admission enables early education, and two years after admission, “educational events” enable students to become The Akademeia 21st Century demanded by the industry.

1st year educational events

Turning your favorite things into products and selling them. What makes a design sell? Through events, you will learn planning skills, design, production skills, and communication abilities.

List of Events:

  • Designers' Market
  • Art exhibition by department
  • Industrial EXPO

Industrial EXPO

Meet the company of your dreams! Holding a large-scale hybrid job-hunting event independently Together with The Akademeia 21st Century sister schools, we are holding highly desired job-hunting events by gathering companies from all over the country. In order to support job-hunting activities, our school begins preparations as early as eight months after enrollment, before recruitment activities begin in earnest. By interacting with many corporate recruiters, you will increase your awareness of employment.

2nd year educational events

The "Portfolio presentation" is essential for job hunting in the field of design. It's a special opportunity to prove your skills that are applicable in the real world

[Internal event]

  • Designers' Audition

[External event]

  • Tokyo Game Show
  • Kansai Committee
  • Hiroshima International Animation Festival
  • Wonder Festival

Campus Life

Introducing our exciting campus life of the 2 years.

  • Designers' Market

    With the goal of selling my work as a product, I experienced planning, design, production, booth construction, and sales customer service.
    Aiming to become a designer who can respond to consumer needs by experiencing sales and customer service on site.

  • Art exhibition by department

    Individual work production will be developed for each department. Let's show your commitment to the teacher about the planning design, which is the stage before production! Get professional advice directly.

  • Designers' Audition

    Recruiting companies that exhibited at the 1st year employment event "Industrial EXPO" will visit the school in the 2nd year! We will check your job hunting work and connect it to an internship. Sometimes you will be scouted by companies you meet for the first time!

Departments & Majors

Introducing the departments you can study at Osaka Designer Academy (Current: Osaka Designer College)

  • Illustration Department

    • Illustration Course
    • Artist Course
    • Character Illustration Course
    • Picture Book Author Course
  • Comic Illustration Department

    • Comic Illustration Course
    • Digital Illustration Course
    • Digital Artist Course
  • Manga Department

    • Manga Production Course
    • Manga Original/Light Novel Course
  • Game/CG Department

    • Game Illustration Course
    • Game Modeling Course
    • CG Animation Course
    • Game Design Course
  • Figure Design Department

    • Figure Making Course
    • Doll Making Course
  • Animation Department

    • Animator Course
    • Animation Acting and Directing Course
  • Special Effects Makeup Department

    • Special Makeup Effects Course
    • Special Modeling Course
  • Graphic Design Department

    • Graphic Design Course
    • Graphic Art Course
    • Advertising Design Course
    • Package Design Course
    • Magazine Editing and Book Design Course
    • Web Design Course
    • Motion Graphics Course
  • Interior Design Department

    • Interior Design Course
    • Shop Design Course
    • Home Design Course
    • Hotel Design Course
  • Interior Coordination Department

    • Interior Coordination Course
    • Shop Display Course
    • Shop Advisor Course
  • Product Design Department

    • Product Design Course
    • Household Goods Design Course
    • Furniture Design Course
  • Fashion Design Department

    • Fashion Design Course
    • Costume Design Course
    • Fashion Accessory Design Course
  • Research Department*

      *The Research Department is open to those who have graduated from a design or performing arts university, junior college, or vocational school.

    • Graphic Design Course
    • Illustration Course
    • Multimedia (Animation/CG/Game Design) Course
    • Manga (Story Manga/Comic Illustration) Course
    • Interior Design Course
    • Product Design Course
    • Fashion Design Course
    • Special Makeup Effects Course

Tuition fee

  • Common  to all 2-yearcourses
  • List of textbooks, teaching materials, and training expenses (estimated for the previous year)   
  1st year 2nd year
Enrollment Fee 170,000円
Tuition Fee
Full payment 940,000円 1,132,000円
1st semester 470,000円 566,000円
2nd semester 470,000円 566,000円
Educational enhancement expenses
Facility Fee 220,000円 220,000円
Alumni Association Fee 8,000円
Student Accident Insurance 2,000円 2,000円
Scholarship for International Students by Recommendation from Designated School
Full payment 1,240,000円 1,154,000円
1st semester 820,000円 688,000円
2nd semester 420,000円 466,000円
Scholarship for International Students by Recommendation A
Full payment 1,240,000円 1,254,000円
1st semester 820,000円 738,000円
2nd semester 420,000円 516,000円
Scholarship for International Students by Recommendation B
Full payment 1,290,000円 1,304,000円
1st semester 845,000円 763,000円
2nd semester 445,000円 541,000円

The Akademeia 21st Century Scholarship

(Not used)

Full payment 1,340,000円 1,354,000円
1st semester 870,000円 788,000円
2nd semester 470,000円 566,000円
  1. At our school, in preparation for unforeseen accidents such as traffic accidents and injuries that may occur during the period of enrollment from admission to graduation, we have a contract with an insurance company to provide all students with student accident insurance coverage. (The Product Design Department and Special Effects Makeup Department require separate injury insurance coverage at an additional ¥6,000 per year).

1st year

Name of Department Textbook/material costs Common teaching materials fee
Graphic Design Department

42,000 yen *1

Illustration Department 100,000円 8,400円
Figure Design Department 171,000円 34,300円

Animation Department

65,000円 12,400円

Manga Department

51,000円 4,700円

Comic Illustration Department

80,000円 12,600円
Game/CG Department 36,000円 6,300円

Interior Design Department

80,000円 16,200円

Interior Coordination Department

94,000円 18,800円
Product Design Department 61,000 yen *2


Fashion Design Department 83,000円


Special Effects Makeup Department

Special Effects Makeup Course



Special Effects Makeup Department

Special Effects Modeling Course



2nd year

Name of Department Textbook/material costs Common teaching materials fee
Graphic Design Department

Illustration Department 11,000円
Figure Design Department 33,000円

Animation Department


Manga Department


Comic Illustration Department

Game/CG Department 6,700円

Interior Design Department


Interior Coordination Department

Product Design Department


Fashion Design Department


Special Effects Makeup Department

Special Effects Makeup Course



Special Effects Makeup Department

Special Effects Modeling Course


  1. ※1 The Graphic Design Department requires a separate "digital single-lens reflex camera" (approximately 40,000 yen).
  2. ※2 The Product Design Department requires additional transportation expenses to the workshop.
  3. The amounts vary depending on the department or course and may be subject to change based on the fiscal year or societal circumstances.
  4. For training and training camp fees, as participation is optional, please confirm the amount with the respective department advisor after enrollment.
  5. Tuition payment regulations

  6. Upon completion of the enrollment procedure, permission to enroll will be granted, and you will be registered in the school's student register.
  7. If tuition fees are not paid by the specified deadline without notification, it will be considered as declining admission.
  8. In cases of withdrawal due to any reason, except for administrative fees and transfer fees, a refund will be issued. (Depending on the timing of withdrawal, refunds for insurance premiums and accident insurance may not be possible.)
    For enrollment withdrawal or withdrawal notices accepted after April 1st, the enrollment procedure fee (first-term tuition) will not be refunded.
    Regarding second-term tuition fees, a refund (excluding administrative fees and transfer fees) will be issued if all documents, including the withdrawal notice, are accepted by the first day of the second-term orientation. (For withdrawals or declines after April 1st, a meeting with the academic affairs office is required.)


 2-5-23 Sonezakishinchi, Kita-ku, Osaka
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(Current) Osaka Designer College

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