Osaka Akademeia

Osaka Akademeia


Features of the Osaka area

Top 10 livable cities in the world

Osaka is a place where you can feel the enthusiasm of the locals. If you want to make local friends, there is no better place than Osaka. Make friends, eat okonomiyaki, and go to Universal Studios together!

Top 10 most livable city in the world

Top 10 most livable city in the world

In 2022, Osaka was recognized by the Economist Intelligence Unit as the top 10 most livable city in the world. Osaka received perfect scores in the city rankings in the categories of "stability," "medical care," and "education."

Easy access to popular tourist spots in Kansai

Osaka is home to Shin-Osaka Station, one of the largest stations in the Kansai region. From these stations, you can access Kyoto, Kobe, Nara, etc. in about an hour.

Easy access to popular tourist spots in Kansai
Make friends with the friendly people of Osaka

It is a city with a deep-rooted cultural diversity, making it easy to spend time even for foreigners.

It is said to be a welcoming city for foreigners as diversity and culture are deeply rooted here.

Introducing the average cost of living for study abroad in the Osaka area.

  • Simulation of international student living expenses
     (average per month)
    Rent (share house) 50,000 yen Food expenses 30,000 yen Entertainment expenses 10,000 yen Utility expenses 7,000 yen Telephone bills 4,000 yen Transportation expenses 4,000 yen Insurance, medicine, etc. 3,000 yen
  • Monthly cost of living (Average by region)
    Tokyo 108,000 yen Osaka 89,000 yen Nagoya 82,000 yen Fukuoka 73,000 yen

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