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Tokyo Business Academy

(School name changed from Tokyo School of Business in April 2024)


Tokyo Business Academy
Features of
(School name changed from Tokyo School of Business in April 2024)

Attractiveness of Tokyo Business Academy

Features unique to Tokyo Business Academy and real voices of current students, etc.
One page filled with information that you may be interested in when choosing your career path.
Introducing the charm of Tokyo Business Academy from various angles!

Strengths unique to a comprehensive business school

No matter how advanced your specialized skills are, if you lack business etiquette, computer skills, and communication skills, which are the foundations of a working adult, you will never have the opportunity to make use of the specialized skills you have acquired. At Tokyo Business Academy in addition to having a curriculum that nurtures a high level of expertise, we thoroughly cultivate business skills through the implementation of "basic skills for working adults" in all departments.

Thorough employment support

As a comprehensive business school, a 100% employment rate is the foremost premise!
We teach the fundamentals of job hunting in Japan. This includes researching companies, as well as providing detailed guidance on resume writing, self-assessment, personal appearance, and business etiquette.

"Teacher power" is attractive!

Full support from discovering your dreams to making them come true. 
From enrollment to graduation, your 'homeroom teacher' will provide you with strong support! 
We absolutely do not compromise on providing personalized backup for each individual.

Able to take job-related classes even before enrollment

For the six months prior to enrollment, you will study fundamental content alongside Japanese students to ensure a smooth transition to classes after enrollment. You can also make friends even before enrolling, providing a sense of security!
By mastering the basics before enrollment, you can quickly level up and pursue your desired industry without feeling rushed.

Campus Life

Introducing our exciting campus life of the 2 years.

  • New student orientation camp

    Develop communication skills by interacting at a training camp for 3 days and 2 nights

  • Sports competition

    A sports event in which all students from all 10 departments participate! The planning and organization are done by students from the Sports Business department. It serves as a break from studies and job hunting and is an event that gets everyone excited every year.

  • Exchange meeting for international students

    Cultivate a global perspective through interaction with international students from various countries

Departments & Majors

Introducing the subjects you can study at Tokyo Business Academy (changed name from vocational school Tokyo School of Business in April 2024)

I'm sure you'll find your dream job! We have a wide range of departments and majors to help you achieve your dreams.

  • Business Management Department

    • Business Management Major
    • Distribution and Marketing Major
    • Real Estate/FP Major
    • Accounting Finance Major
    • Global Business Major
  • IT Business Department

    • Programmer Major
  • AI Systems Department

    • AI Engineer Major
    • Data Science Major
  •  Business Design Department

    • Business Design Major
  • Office Business Department

    • Business License Major
    • Business Computing Major
    • Business Liberal Arts Major
  • Sports Business Department

    • Sports Marketing Major
    • Health and Sports Management Major
    • Sports Shop Staff Major
    • Sports Foreign Language Major
  • Pet Business Department

    • Trimmer Course
    • Dog Trainer Course
  • Pet Nursing Department (3 years)

  • Fashion Business Department

    • Apparel Shop Staff Major
    • Fashion Produce Major
    • SNS Marketing Major
  • Flower Business Department

    • Flower Coordinator Major
    • Bridal Flower Major
    • Flower Shop Major

Tuition fee

  • Common  to all 2-yearcourses
  • List of textbooks, teaching materials, and training expenses (estimated for the previous year)   
  1st year 2nd year 3rd year (Pet Animal Nursing Department only)
Enrollment Fee 170,000円
Tuition Fee
Full payment 880,000円 1,012,000 yen *2 880,000円
1st semester 440,000円 506,000円 440,000円
2nd semester 440,000円 506,000円 440,000円
Facility Fee 225,000円 225,000円 225,000円
Alumni Association Fee 10,000円
School compensation insurance premium *1 2,000円 2,000円 2,000円
Scholarship for International Students by Recommendation from Designated School
Full payment 1,187,000円 1,099,000円 1,107,000円
1st semester 737,000円 563,000円 667,000円
2nd semester 440,000円 536,000円 440,000円
Scholarship for International Students by Recommendation A
Full payment 1,187,000円 1,199,000円 1,107,000円
1st semester 737,000円 663,000円 667,000円
2nd semester 440,000円 536,000円 440,000円
Scholarship for International Students by Recommendation B
Full payment 1,237,000円 1,249,000円 1,107,000円
1st semester 787,000円 713,000円 667,000円
2nd semester 440,000円 536,000円 440,000円
The Akademeia 21st Century Scholarship not available Full payment 1,287,000円 1,299,000円 1,107,000円
1st semester 847,000円 763,000円 667,000円
2nd semester 440,000円 536,000円 440,000円
  1. ※1 All students are covered by a student accident insurance agreement with an insurance company in case of unexpected disasters such as traffic accidents and injuries that may occur during the study period (from the day of admission until graduation).
  2. ※2 Unlike the first year, course fees for the second year include an additional JPY 16,000 per month due to the focus on hands-on practice and training, etc.
  3. * In addition to the above, textbook fees, teaching materials fees, qualification examination fees, training fees, etc. are required. Please refer to the list below for the amount. (Varies depending on each department/major)
  4. * If additional fees will be collected, we will notify you in advance.
Department At the time of admission
Pet Business Department 280,000 yen - 350,000 yen
Pet Animal Nursing Department 280,000 yen - 350,000 yen
Sports Business Department 190,000円〜290,000円
Business Management Department 70,000円〜130,000円
 Business Design Department 65,000円〜75,000円
AI System Department 60,000円〜72,000円
IT Business Department 60,000円〜72,000円
Office Business Department 80,000円〜85,000円
Fashion Business Department 88,000円〜95,000円
Flower Business Department 340,000円〜380,000円
  1. * The billed amount will vary depending on the department, selection, course, and individual, as textbooks and teaching materials vary.
  2. * The billed amount varies depending on the year. Details such as textbook fees for students enrolling in April 2025 will be notified by mail between the end of February and March 2025.
  3. * The above amount includes the training camp fee (2 nights and 3 days) for the first year. Other costs such as teaching materials, training fees, and various examination fees for elective subjects are not included.
  4. * Department of Business Design, Department of AI Systems, and Department of Office Business require students to purchase their own laptops after enrollment.
  5. Tuition payment regulations

  6. Tuition fees are typically paid in a lump sum for one year, but installment payments for "first term" and "second term" are possible for tuition fees only.
  7. For those who request to withdraw their enrollment by March 31st, tuition fees excluding the admission fee will be refunded.
  8. For those who request withdrawal after April 1st, second semester tuition fees may be refunded based on the following criteria.
    ① If you submit your application for withdrawal between April 1st and September 30th and our school approves it, we will refund the second semester tuition fee for the relevant academic year after deducting the prescribed administrative fee.
    ②If you submit a request for withdrawal between October 1st and March 31st and our school approves it, your tuition fees for that year will not be refunded.
  9. If the tuition fee is not paid by the specified date, the student will be deemed to have declined admission.


 1-56 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
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(School name changed from Tokyo School of Business in April 2024)

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