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Tokyo Language Academy

(School name changed from Tokyo Adachi Japanese School in April 2024)


Tokyo Language Academy
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(School name changed from Tokyo Adachi Japanese School in April 2024)

Attractiveness of Tokyo Language Academy

Here are some of the perks of being a member of The Akademeia 21st Century group!

Learn Japanese in the center of Tokyo! Enjoy Tokyo Life!

Ichigaya/Iidabashi, where Tokyo Adachi Japanese Language School is located, is an area with good access. It takes 10 to 15 minutes by train to Akihabara, which is full of Japanese culture, Shibuya and Harajuku, which are full of youthful energy, and Shinjuku Station, which is lined with skyscrapers. Of course, it also has excellent access to the rest of Tokyo and nearby towns. There are many universities and offices around the school, but it is quiet and you can see cherry blossoms from the classrooms in the spring.Although it is in the center of Tokyo, it is a learning environment rich in nature.

3 courses that expand your options for the future

Tokyo Language Academy has prepared 3 courses so that you can learn Japanese and be active in various fields in the future.
We aim to realize our dreams by discovering our own interests and possibilities and setting goals early on!

School schedule

School events include events where you can get to know your friends and events where you can learn about Japanese culture and life.
In addition, there are industry information sessions, Japanese language exams, and opportunities to interact with Japanese students!

  • April

    • Entrance Ceremony
  • May

    • Emergency Training
    • Golden Week (about 1 week)
  • June

    • Career guidance session
    • Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU)
  • July

    • Entrance Ceremony
    • Tanabata Party
    • Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)
  • August

    • Summer Vacation (about 2 weeks)
  • September

    • Barbecue
    • Tea Ceremony Experience
  • October

    • Entrance Ceremony
    • Halloween Party
  • November

    • School Festival
    • Excursion
    • Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU)
  • December

    • Industrial EXPO
    • Christmas Party
    • Winter Vacation (about 2 weeks)
  • January

    • Hatsumode Experience
  • February

    • Sports Competition
    • Japanese Culture Experience (kimono experience, shakuhachi concert, etc.)
  • March

    • Graduation Ceremony
    • Spring Break (about 2 weeks)

Departments & Majors

Introducing the subjects you can study at Tokyo Language Academy (changed name from Tokyo Adachi Japanese School in April 2024)

4 courses that expand your options for the future

  • Professional practice class

    Our unique curriculum, where you can learn specialized Japanese + basic specialized knowledge From the intermediate level onwards, along with basic Japanese classes, you will study the Japanese necessary for each specialized industry. In special classes held every month, you can learn basic knowledge directly from teachers at vocational schools.

  • Other courses

    • Comprehensive Japanese Course

    Curriculum specialized for university/graduate school admissions
    This course is designed to help students acquire the basics of Japanese language, as well as operational and communication skills, with the aim of entering a Japanese university or graduate school.
    We prepare students for the Japan University Admission Examination (EJU) and the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT N2 to N1), and steadily improve their level in preparation for entering higher education.

    • Employment Course

    Preparing for employment in Japan with a practical curriculum
    Students will acquire the necessary Japanese language proficiency and communication skills with the aim of finding employment at a Japanese company (local Japanese company). From the intermediate level, students will learn how to promote themselves and write motivations for applying, research companies, prepare for interviews, etc. as job preparation. We also incorporate common knowledge, Japanese circumstances, and culture.

Tuition fee

  • Common  to all 2-yearcourses
  • List of textbooks, teaching materials, and training expenses (estimated for the previous year)   
Initial payment (including 6 months of tuition fees)
Screening fee  25,000円
Enrollment Fee  63,000円
Facility Fee  25,000円
Tuition fee (6 months) (*)  312,000円
Material Fee  30,000円

International student insurance

total(※)  465,000円

    The cost of teaching materials is the actual cost, so if there is a difference, we will either charge you for an additional charge or refund you.

  1. (*) If your nationality is Vietnam, Nepal, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, or Mongolia, you will be required to pay one year's tuition fee of 624,000 yen as an initial payment. Accordingly, the total amount will be 777,000 yen.
Total tuition fees by study period
6 months 1 year 1 year 6 months 1 year 9 months 2 years
465,000円 777,000円 1,094,800円 1,254,100円 1,411,000円


3-11 Ichiyada-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
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(School name changed from Tokyo Adachi Japanese School in April 2024)

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