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Tokyo Visual Arts Academy

(Current) Tokyo Visual Arts College


Features of 
Tokyo Visual Arts Academy
Current: Tokyo Visual Arts College

Appeal of Tokyo Visual Arts Academy

At Tokyo Visual Arts Academy, students will acquire the 'industry skills,' 'on-site experience,' and 'personal qualities' required for professionals. Our instructors, of course, are professionals actively working in the industry right now.
Additionally, students have the opportunity to organize events, collaborate with companies, and engage in interdisciplinary collaborations within the university, fostering their creative and practical skills in stimulating situations.

40 special classes

Visual Arts Group holds 40 special classes a year led by professionals who are active at the forefront of the industry. You can listen to real stories from the scene.

On-campus collaboration

Opportunities to create works with students from various departments on campus There are many opportunities for “internal collaboration”. Participate in collaboration as a specialist in your desired field, and get used not only to creating works but also to communicating with students in other fields on site.

Visual Arts sister schools

The Akademeia 21st Century with 18 schools across Japan. Visual Arts has sister schools in Nagoya, Osaka, and Fukuoka, allowing access to the latest information from companies and productions nationwide.


In the entertainment industry, getting closer to employment or debut involves having an interest in various things and acquiring many skills. Therefore, our school has established a system called 'Multi Curriculum,' which allows students to take classes from departments other than their own once a week.

Campus Life

Introducing our exciting campus life of the 2 years.

  • Internal collaboration events

    We will create events and works in collaboration with all grades and departments!

  • Crossover Summit of Tokyo Akademeia (Implemented starting from the 2024 academic year)

    This is the school festival held at the six Tokyo Akademia schools of the Akademeia 21st Century. It is an opportunity for freshmen to showcase the skills they have acquired in the six months since their enrollment through performances, artwork exhibitions, and screenings, connecting it to their future growth. Our school also has collaborative presentations between different departments.

  • Promotion Performances/Promotion Productions (Second semester for first-year students), Graduation Performances/Graduation Productions (Second semester for second-year students)

    Promotion Performances and Promotion Productions: In the second semester of the first year, students take the lead in creating works, utilizing the skills they have learned up to that point. These works are presented in the form of performances, artwork exhibitions, and screenings.

    Graduation Performances and Graduation Productions: As the culmination of 2.5 years of study, students present higher-quality works than in their first year. While their student life comes to an end, skill improvement remains essential when entering the industry. They will reflect on and apply what they have learned in their future endeavors.

  • Job Preparation Seminar (Second semester for first-year students)

    In preparation for post-graduation career decisions, at the end of the first year, students learn about business etiquette, interview preparation, and how to create application documents. Upon becoming second-year students, job hunting and auditions begin immediately, with the aim of securing job offers by the end of the first semester (by the end of September).


    This is an audition organized by our school for students aspiring to become musicians, actors, and dancers. Talent scouts from entertainment agencies and music production companies from all over the country participate, allowing students to undergo evaluation and receive advice.

Departments & Majors

Introducing the departments you can study at Tokyo Visual Arts Academy (Current: Tokyo Visual Arts College)

Curriculum related to the entertainment industry is enriched!

  • Photography Department

    • Fashion Photo Course
    • Commercial Photo Course
    • Sports Photography Course
    • Bridal Photo Course
    • Live Photo Course
    • Business Photography Course
    • Photographer Course
    • Creative Photo Course
  • Broadcasting Department (Videography)

    • Video Director Course
    • Music Video Course
    • Video VFX/3DCG course
    • Live Broadcast Technology Course
    • Drama Course
    • Variety Show Course
    • Audiovisual Course
    • Film Director Course
    • Film Technology Course
  • Special Effects Makeup Department

    • Special Makeup Effects Course
    • Video/Stage Makeup Course
    • Special Modeling Course
  • General Music Department

    • Vocal Course
    • Guitar Course
    • Base Course
    • Drum Course
    • Keyboard Course
    • Sound Creator Course
    • PA Course
    • Lighting Course
    • Recording course
  • Media Publishing and Performing Arts Department

    • Web publishing course
    • Sports Publishing Course
    • Fashion Magazine Course
    • Anime Publishing Course
    • Entertainment Manager Course
    • Planning and Production Course
    • Fan Club Staff Course
  • Performing Arts Department

    • Actor/Talent Course
  • Dance Department

    • Dance Vocal Course
    • Dancer Course

Tuition fee

  • 2 years, common to all departments
  • List of textbooks, teaching materials, and training expenses (estimated for the previous year)   
  1st year 2nd year
Enrollment Fee 200,000円
Tuition Fee
1st semester 430,000円 526,000円
2nd semester 430,000円 526,000円
Full payment 860,000円 1,052,000円
Educational enhancement expenses 150,000円 150,000円
Facility Fee 180,000円 180,000円
Alumni Association Fee 5,000円
Student Accident insurance 2,000円
Scholarship for International Students by  Recommendation from Designated School
Full payment 1,297,000円 1,184,000円
1st semester 867,000円 658,000円
2nd semester 430,000円 526,000円
Scholarship for  International Students by Recommendation A
Full payment 1,297,000円 1,284,000円
1st semester 867,000円 758,000円
2nd semester 430,000円 526,000円
Scholarship for  International Students by Recommendation B
Full payment 1,347,000円 1,334,000円
1st semester 917,000円 808,000円
2nd semester 430,000円 526,000円
Akademeia 21st Century Scholarship for International Students Not Used
Full payment 1,397,000円 1,384,000円
1st semester 967,000円 858,000円
2nd semester 430,000円 526,000円

    Regarding the payment amount for the first and second term tuition fees, please check the respective application category columns.

  1. ※1 Student accident insurance is provided for all students at this school through a contract with an insurance company to cover unforeseen accidents, such as traffic accidents and injuries that may occur during the period of enrollment from the date of admission to graduation.
  2. ※2 The tuition for the second year is increased by 16,000 yen per month due to the focus on practical training and workshops.
  3. Additional costs for teaching materials and training fees are required (the amount varies depending on the department and course).
  4. Additional course fees may be required for specialized seminars, among others.
1st year
Name of Department Personal Materials Fee Shared Materials Fee※ 1 Computer, etc.※ 2 Total
Photography Department 70,000円 19,000円 192,000円 281,000円
Broadcasting Department (Videography) 10,000 yen ~ 25,000 yen 30,000円~76,000円 0円 40,000円〜101,000円
Special Effects Makeup Department 248,000円 ~ 360,000円 7,100円~25,000円 0円 255,100円〜385,000円
Publication and
Entertainment Department
0円 ~ 2,800円 9,800円~35,000円 273,300円 9,800円〜311,100円
General Music Department
(Sound Staff Course / Lighting Staff Course)
10,800円 ~ 14,000円 4,000円 0円 14,800円〜18,000円
General Music Department
(Recording Engineer Course)
14,500円 4,000円 261,980円 18,500円〜280,480円
General Music Department
(Other Course)
0円 4,900円 261,980円 4,900円〜266,880円
Performing Arts Department 67,500円 ~ 80,000円 4,000円 0円 71,500円〜84,000円
Dance Department 25,300円 ~ 35,000円 6,700円 0円 32,000円〜41,700円
2nd year
Name of Department Personal Materials Fee Common teaching materials fee Total
Photography Department 0円 20,000円 20,000円
Broadcasting Department (Videography) 0円 30,000円~80,000円 30,000円~80,000円
Special Effects Makeup Department 27,200円~100,000円 28,100円~39,100円 55,300円〜139,100円
Publication and
Entertainment Department
0円~3,200円 8,500円~35,500円 8,500円〜38,700円
General Music Department 0円 0円 0円
Performing Arts Department 0円 0円 0円
Dance Department 0円 0円 0円
  1. ※1 Includes fees for an online English learning program (JPY 4,000) that can be used for two years.
  2. ※2 Computers are an optional purchase for those who do not have one.
  3. ※3 The above totals include fees for personal materials, educational materials, a computer, etc.
  4. The amounts shown here are estimated amounts based on actual tuition and fees charged the previous year.
  5. Actual amounts charged will differ depending on the course.
  6. Prices may also vary depending on the course content and number of students.
  7. The above totals include fees for personal and educational materials.
  8. Tuition payment regulations

  9. In principle, tuition fees are paid in one lump sum for one year, but tuition fees can be paid in installments for the first semester and second semester.
  10. Students who withdraw from enrollment by March 31 after completing the enrollment procedures will be refunded all tuition and fees except for the admission fee.
    Students who request withdrawal after April 1 may be refunded their second semester course fee, based on the following criteria:
    ① If the student submits a withdrawal request between April 1 and September 30 and the school approves the request, the portion of tuition and fees for the academic year that covers the second semester course fee will be refunded after deducting a prescribed administrative fee.
    ② I f the student submits a withdrawal request between October 1 and March 31 and the school approves the request, there will be no refund of tuition and fees for the academic year.
  11. Failure to pay the tuition and the textbooks & materials fee by the designated date without notice will be considered a refusal to enroll.


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