Manga, Anime, Games

Manga, Anime, Games


Features of Manga, Anime, Games Field

Manga Department

Manga Department

Based on individual instruction, we will start with the basics necessary for manga production and develop it into practice. We will develop manga artists full of individuality who have not only a sense of drawing but also storytelling.

  • Manga Major
  • Digital Manga Major
  • Manga Story Major
  • Manga Artist
  • Cartoon Assistant
  • Publication
  • Subculture Business
  • Character Designer
  • Author
  • Web Manga Artist
  • Illustrator
  • Picture Book Authors, etc.
Comic Illustration Department

Comic Illustration Department

Based on the Japanese pop culture of Manga, Game, and Anime, Comic Illustration is expanding the playing field to various media. In this department, classes that develop various abilities such as how to polish ideas as well as the drawing skills that are essential for illustration production are offered.

  • Comic Illustration Major
  • Comic Character Major
  • Comic Illustrator
  • 2D Graphics
  • Art Director
  • Manga Artist
  • Character Designer
  • Illustrator
  • Collectibles Designer
  • Concept Artist etc.
Illustration Department

Illustration Department

Illustrations are widely used in various media as a means of helping people to communicate. In the Illustration department, students acquire specialized knowledge according to their field of study.

  • Illustration Major
  • Digital Illustration Major
  • Game Illustration Major
  • Media Illustration Major
  • Character Illustration Major
  • Picture Book Creation Major
  • Illustrator
  • Game Illustrator
  • Picture Book Writer
  • Concept Artist
  • Character Designer
  • 2DCG Graphic
  • Container Writer
  • DTP Operator
General Animation Department

General Animation Department

Animation is a field of expression that is also called a comprehensive art. A large number of staff are required to complete the process by combining a wide variety of techniques. This is an environment where you can concentrate on making anime with friends who want to make anime and work in anime.

  • Comprehensive Animation Major
  • Hybrid Animator Major
  • Anime CG Major
  • 3DCG/VFX Major
  • Animator
  • Anime Director
  • Production Progress
  • Staging
  • Finisher
  • Character Designer
  • CG Animator
  • Digital Photography
  • Background Art
  • CG/VFX Artist
  • Compositor
  • Effects Artist, etc.
General Game Department

General Game Department

Aiming to be a game creator, a writer or designer, a player... Divided into majors based on the field you are aiming for, you will develop your individuality and strengths while getting closer to your dream stage.

  • Esports Major
  • Game Programmer Major
  • Game Graphic Designer Major
  • Game 3DCG Designer Major
  • Sound Designer Major
  • Game Planner Major
  • Game Writer Major
  • Game Programmer
  • Web Programmer
  • Game Sound Creator
  • 3DCG Modeler
  • E-Sports Pro Gamer
  • E-Sports Event Staff
  • E-Sports Writer
  • Game Distributor
  • Game Commentator
  • Event MC
  • Game Magazine Writer
  • Game Planner
Figure Design Department

Figure Design Department

Direct guidance from top professionals in the industry. In addition to "full digital" skills, you will also learn "analog" skills that differ depending on your individual ability. Participate in the Wonder Festival held twice a year to improve your skills.

  • Character Figure Major
  • Character Toy Major
  • Digital Sculptor Major
  • Sculptor
  • Toy Designer
  • Finisher (Colored)
  • 3D Character Designer
  • 3D Modeler
  • Duplication Staff

Trends among international students in the ​​
Manga, Anime, Games Field

Trends among international students in the ​​

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