Fashion Design, Special Effect Makeup

Fashion Design, Special Effect Makeup


Features of the Fashion Design, 
Special Effect Makeup Field

Fashion Design Department

Fashion Design Department

Students learn about the ever-changing fashion industry using the latest digital technology (DX).
Incorporating the background and trends of the times, we cultivate specialists who will acquire an attractive and unique design sense and create next-generation modes.

  • Fashion Design Major
  • Costume Design Major
  • Fashion Distribution Major
  • Used clothes and Select shop Major
  • Fashion Designer
  • Pattern Maker
  • Stylist
  • Miscellaneous Goods Designer
  • Buyer
  • Shop Clerk
  • Makeup Artist
  • Manicurist etc.
Special Effects Makeup Department

Special Effects Makeup Department

Two years to thoroughly shape the ideas that come to mind

In order to acquire the skills required in the industry we aim for in the future, we have organized a curriculum for each course.
Not only can you acquire skills, but you can also learn while being conscious of the work you will do after graduation.

  • Special Makeup Effects Course
  • Video/Stage Makeup Course
  • Special Modeling Course
  • Special Makeup Artist
  • Art Production Company Staff
  • Hair Makeup Artist
  • Movie Makeup Staff
  • TV Makeup Staff
  • Stage Makeup Staff
  • Figure Sculptor Makeup Staff
  • Special Modeling Company Staff
  • Special Modeling Modeler etc.

Trends among international students in the
 Fashion Design, Special Effect Makeup Field

Trends among international students in the ​

Study to pursue a career in
the fashion and 
entertainment industries!

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  • Like Japanese style fashion design
  • Want to impress people

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