Architectural Design, Interior Design

Architectural Design, Interior Design


Features of Interior Design, Architectural Design Field

Architectural Design Department

Architectural Design Department

Based on a broad range of architectural knowledge and skills, including structures, facilities, regulations, and construction methods, this program cultivates the ability to comprehensively understand the circumstances surrounding architecture, such as the client's requirements, site conditions, and the surrounding environment, and to develop analytical and creative thinking for spatialization. Upon graduation, you will be eligible to take the architect's licensing examination.

  • Architectural Design Major
  • Residential Design Major
  • Architectural Designer
  • Architect
  • Housing Designer
  • Interior Designer
  • Environmental Designer
  • Construction Management
  • Construction and Interior Construction
  • Real Estate Sales
  • Planning and Development at the Manufacturer
  • CAD Operator
  • 3D Operator etc.
Interior Design Department

Interior Design Department

The Department of Interior Design is a site where you work with "space". Students will learn how to coordinate flooring, walls, furniture, curtains, etc., and how to produce colors and lighting. We train interior professionals who can always design spaces with attractive expressions and transmit them.

  • Interior Design Major
  • Interior Coordination Major
  • Shop Design Major
  • Furniture Design Major
  • Display Design Major
  • Interior Designer
  • Interior Coordinator
  • Event Designer
  • Stage Designer
  • Shop Designer
  • Display Designer
  • Interior Stylist
  • Furniture Designer etc.

Trends among international students in the 

Architectural Design, Interior Design Field 

Trends of international students majoring in architectural design and interior design

You can learn Japanese-style 
residential design 
and interior design!

Recommended for you if you are someone who

  • Admire Japanese-style houses and architecture
  • Like furniture coordination and space design
  • Create a living space for others

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