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The Akademeia 21st Century

Welcome to The Akademeia 21st Century!
Information of studying in Japan

Welcome to The Akademeia 21st Century!
Portal site for studying in Japan.


Course Guide

At the Akademeia 21st Century, you can study in 45
different fields and turn your passions into reality!

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The Akademeia 21st Century has 17 vocational schools and 1 Japanese language school in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and Fukuoka, Japan, including Tokyo Designer Academy, Tokyo Visual Arts Academy, Tokyo Business Academy, Tokyo Cool Japan Academy, and Tokyo Hospitality Academy. We are proud of our history and achievements in the vocational school industry, and many of our graduates have fulfilled their dreams. You can choose the perfect school for you by knowing exactly what you want to study!

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The Akademeia 21st Century is located in four major cities in Japan: Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka.
Each of the four cities has its own characteristics, making it a very comfortable place to live and popular with foreigners.
If you are interested in the area where you want to live, we will guide you from here.

Map of Japan 東京 大阪 名古屋 福岡

Strengths of the 21st Century Academy

For your time and future to be fullfilled

Under the best educational environment with the latest educational equipment, unique curriculum, and excellent teachers,
we focus on developing specialists with a high level of specialized knowledge and imagination.

  1. Point 01 1 Teacher: 20 Students

    1 class : 1 teacher : 20 students.
    An environment where you can learn through close communication.

  2. Point 02 8 Practical: 2 Regular

    80% of Practical class and 20% of Lecture class.
    There are plenty of practical classes that simulate a real working environment.

  3. Point 03 360°

    Safe school life with 360° omnidirectional that delivers full care support system for international student.